Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What Would a Pro-Islamist American Presidency Look Like?

This consideration is presented in two parts

1. The following, submitted in FreeRepublic.com, explores a question. What would America be experiencing, if it had an Islamist and Marxist president?
Obama is a Muslim Marxist
by "TheThinker," Saturday, 4/10/2010

Some say that the accusation that Obama is a Muslim is ludicrous and bigoted. But what if it's true? It would mean that Obama has been lying all along. But why would a Muslim be afraid to disclose his faith?

If one is to be a good Muslim, then many, many attitudes and behaviors that are uniquely American would have to be considered evil. He's slipped, admitting his Muslim faith and then recanted. He's stated that the call to prayer is the "prettiest sound on Earth". Obama has bowed (or was it an aborted kneel?) to the King of the Saudis. Obama is hiding his Muslim faith behind the thorny protection of political correctness.

Not convinced yet? Let's use our imaginations for a minute.Let's just suppose for the sake of argument that a random Muslim is sitting in the Oval Office. What, logically would that "good" Muslim do to fulfill the tenants of his faith?

The first target would be the American economy. That was the primary target on 9/11. Militant Islamists like Bin Laden figured that in order to defeat America, it's economic engine had to be stopped. And they are right. America's productivity is the source of America's might. It is buttressed by the American work ethic, faith and family. Of course all these are under attack more each day by Marxist legislators.

Second, America's military might must be curtailed. Funding must be cut. Successful weapons systems axed. Defense systems in particular must be undermined. Islamists want us defenseless as do all Marxists. If America is at a military disadvantage, then it is at a political and economic disadvantage as well.

Third, America's alliances must be broken up. The Europeans are our strongest allies because of the cultural similarities and America's origins. Those bonds must be broken and that puts Europe at a disadvantage as well making it easier for Islamists to colonize Europe.

Fourth, the Israelis must be abandoned both militarily and financially and totally isolated. The end goal would be to conquer Israel. There should be no more settlements. Jerusalem must be taken back to shame the Jews and re-establish Muslim dominance in the Middle East.

It seems to me that Obama is acting just like my hypothetical Muslim President. Like a typical Marxist, he's taking over industries, crippling productivity and wealth creation. He's crippling the military by cutting funding and destroying morale. He's snubbing important allies and the Israelis. He's cutting off weapons sales to the Israelis particularly bunker busters that can be used against Israels greatest threat, Iran. Israel is now at a severe disadvantage visa-vis its adversaries in the region.

Obama is a Muslim and Marxism is his weapon to destroy Islam's enemies, in particular America. He has no past and yet he guides America's future. The Orwellian lash of political correctness and white guilt elected Obama.

The Democrats wasted the mantle of the first black president on someone who won't unite, won't uplift, and won't strengthen America. It is both sad and frightening.
2. And these video excerpts of Barack Obama are pieced together in YouTube, by "FeelTheChangeMedia." Its point of view is one informed directly by the man himself, in his own words and behavior.

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