Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Why is it So Difficult for Bill O'Reilly to Understand?

Mr. O'Reilly, America's thinker inside the box, continues to dither, flounder, and founder, tonight.

He discusses with Sen. Tom Coburn, Monica Crowley, and Allan Colmes: Is Nancy Pelosi a nice person or is she not?

He further mulls over and then rolls over the question: What is Barack Obama doing, dealing with health care and now with large-scale nuclear issues with other nations, while avoiding the more acute present crises (of the economy in America and of the nuclear armament of Iran and North Korea)?

The answers to these questions are only understood by correctly assessing who Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi are. They are transnational progressives, that is, globalist Marxofascists. Let me take a crack at each question.

Question 1: Is Nancy Pelosi a nice person?

Answer 2: Was it the mass murders of Mao, Stalin, and Hitler only that made them "not nice?" If they had not committed these mass atrocities and yet found ways to install their empires of tyranny, would they somehow have been "nice?"

Question 2: Why does Obama focus on health care and global nuclear proliferation (and the red herring of "man-made global warming")?

Answer 2: Because dealing with these offer the opportunity to advance toward the global Marxofascist goals of centralized control over the People of the world and their God granted nations.

To understand one's objectives, it is necessary to understand his larger goals. It is not difficult to understand political people, if you understand their worldviews. In this case, understanding the collectivist worldview of the "transnational progressive," who would doom the world's People into slavery under the control of a small and highly privileged elite class, is essential.
- Arlen Williams

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Anonymous said...

I don't think he wants to see it. Before or when Usurper was elected. I read where Bill told Imposter "You are great. I love you".
I think Bill is still part of that media who has a slobbering love affair with that traitor and are keeping him in office. Whose lives and jobs are threatened if they dare mention ineligibility.