Monday, May 10, 2010

Jack Cashill on The Awakening, This Evening, 9pm ET, Live Interview

What is ultimately behind the the world's banking and financial crises?

Jack Cashill is one of America's truly cutting edge political and cultural analysts, and one of our best writers. Join us as we discuss banking and usury, central bank manipulation, derivatives mania, how it all got to be this way, what in the world happened in 2008... and... how America's and the world's economies so dangerously pivot, lurch, and sway, here and now.

We appear to be in the eye of a giant economic storm and now, facing the wall cloud. To find solutions, we need to know what works right and what is just wrong.
Listen in:

The blogtalkradio page with online chat, if you prefer to listen there: linked here
Call-in number, if you have questions or brief comments: (646) 727-2652

"In his upbeat and engaging new book, Jack Cashill reverse engineers the train wreck of the economy back to its (surprising) roots."

Mr. Cashill's new book: POPES & BANKERS, a Cultural History of Credit and Debit from Aristotle to AIG.

Examine Jack's Web site, to catch up on the latest, including his analysis of Bill Ayers' role in Obama's two books, also the role of in his life, of Communist strategist and sex-pervert Frank Marshall Davis, etc. Whether in his books, at WorldNetDaily or American Thinker, or in other venues, it helps America, to know what Jack Cashill is communicating. Find out what he is doing now, on The Awakening.

Also, Markham Robinson will rejoin us sometime in the second hour, to discuss the authority of the Declaration of Independence, the true, fundamental charter of the United States of America. What are its principles and how must the Constitution be interpreted, accordingly? Markham is an Obama eligibility plaintiff in California, associated with past Awakening guests, Alan Keyes and Thomas Hoefling. - AW

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