Monday, May 17, 2010

As Newt Gingrich Calls Obamunism a Threat Equal to Former Nazis and Soviets

From his new book, To Save America, as Chris Wallas confronts Gingrich with his own words:
"The secular-socialist machine represents as great a threat to America as Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union once did."

Overall, one suspects the media will try to ignore a statement such as this, for as long as they can. That is because, whether they believe, or understand it, or not, they know it will resonate. They know it is detrimental to their cause, for Americans to hear such a thing from the former Speaker of the House. It threatens the "fundamental transformation" and the machine.

Two things seem clear: 1. Speaker Gingrich wants America saved from this threat, 2. he wants to be president.

Another two likelihoods, if a president is to be elected in 2012 out of the GOP, he or she will take the lead by: 1. defining authentic Americanism and by, 2. fingering the global Marxofascist usurpation and insurrection hard at work against it, for what malicious wreckage of sovereign lives* and livelihoods that is.

It is difficult to ascertain how much any politician understands of each of these realities and if he does, what of the truth he is courageous enough to relate. Most politicians are apparently governed by selfish interest and fear of man over fear of God. But, as the attacks upon America awaken Citizens to understand more of the truth, this should produce a "hunger after righteousness" necessary to change our human natures and behaviors for the better. Among other effects, that hunger must break our cling to the rationed half truths and the false comforts of conventional, conditioned thought, in favor of understanding what is actually happening in our lives and our world.

If we have a populace which is, one by one, learning its own lessons of utter individual responsibility, directly to God Himself, then it will be natural for us to seek out and elect leaders empowered by the positive strength of adherence to this truth, even if that causes the enmity of many others. Barack Obama, one at enmity with American life, has repeatedly pronounced that "our individual salvation depends on collective salvation." He has it exactly upside down and inside out, in true Marxist fashion. America's salvation as a whole depends upon the individual and personal salvation of its Sovereign People* as we "work out (our) own salvation."

Politicians who discern and explain the truth and act accordingly will gain support. Influential people who oppose these will show themselves as the ones to replace, in our society. Gingrich, a former history professor, who, with his third wife seems to have undertaken a personal pilgrimage of sorts, to the place of truth, should continue to tell it as he sees it. But let us listen for exactly how he backs it up. The same with others who would take the lead. We should observe them embodying the whole truth, for the sake of American sovereignties and freedoms.*

Gingrich understands that when he makes a bold statement he does need to back it up and that is why the marxstream media will try to ignore his proclamations and will continue to attack him personally, wherever he gets too "uppity" to suppress. Those at enmity with America play dirty, and lies, bitterness, and short sighted lusts are the chief tools of Marxism and Luciferianism (a term you may already know, or at least may not shock you, if at the request of Glenn Beck, you are reading about Maurice Strong). Those who seek America's salvation are gathering at the high ground of truth and are learning how to apply its greater force. Real light overcomes the darkness in an instant. Let us make sure the leaders we appoint are ones who clearly place true salvation over any ambition. - AW

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