Tuesday, May 25, 2010

2 Degrees from Trotsky - Trevor Loudon on Obama, on The Awakening, Monday, Listen to the Recording

Update 5/25 - Last night's program was very informative! Please, do give it a listen. We learned that Barack Obama is only one person removed, in Marxist mentoring, from Lenin and especially Trotsky, themselves, for one thing. Listen in and hear how. Click, click, click.

This Monday evening, 5/24/2010, beginning 9pm ET

Q: What black man poses as green, but is very red?
A: Okay, Barack Obama, but I was thinking of Van Jones, who was commie-outed by Trevor Loudon.

Click to listen live via the Web, tonight.

Trevor Loudon, Exposer of Marxists
on The Awakening, with Arlen Williams
or listen in, or ask a question by phone at (646) 727-2652

Trevor is one of the world's leading researchers and reporters on the Marxofascist network, intent on controlling the (can you believe it?) world.
Yeah, like Pinky and the Brain, but probably a lot worse.

Trouble is, this is no cartoon and it is extremely serious.

No, it goes way, way beyond just a few Marxists in the White House, as if that travesty weren't evil enough. Ask Trevor with me, what he has just revealed.

Guest co-host and co-contributor: Tallulah Starr

I.O. has just posted a listing of "The Obama Files," the Marxist vital records reported by Trevor in his site, New Zeal. You can see that here, as you click over to the Sentinel Radio page for the program (and there, you can click a reminder for Monday night's program).

And Tuesday evening, on Sentinel Radio: Fightin' Words, with Walter Huston & David Lutchen
Since the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960's, civil rights have held a sacrosanct place in American political culture. Evoking them seems to make one boo-proof. No one would dare come out against civil rights, because a connotation has been crafted linking the term with decent and respectful behavior. But what really are civil rights? Why were they required to end institutional racism? Are civil rights inherently good? We consider these questions in light of the recent controversy surrounding comments by Rand Paul and John Stossel regarding Title II of the Civil Rights Act.

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