Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Gary Kreep Interviewed, 9/15 - Barnett, et. al., v. Obama, Orly Taitz, etc. plus commentary

Last night's interview of eligibility attorney, Gary Kreep, by MommaE is available on Monks Media:

Gary Kreep is representing Wiley Drake and Markham Robinson, in Barnett, et. al. v. Obama, while other plaintiffs are represented by Orly Taitz. Drake and Robinson released the services of Taitz, due to their concerns about her competence and her overall effect on the case. Near this time, Alan Keyes decided not to remain the lead plaintiff, while remaining in the case.

If it pleases the reader, become a listener to the entire interview of under one hour, rather than I.O. transcribing excerpts, here. You may hear MommaE "question with boldness" and Mr. Kreep, respect those questions with informative answers.

For further reporting and analysis of the issues of the last two weeks of Barnett v. Obama, I.O. suggests reading the article prior to this and its comments: "Orly Taitz Watch: Saboteur? - Judge Carter's Orders," as well as the article to which it refers, and its set of comments, in TheRightSideofLife: "Barnett v. Obama: Order, Motion on Letters Rogatory, Discovery; Subpoenas? Really?; More Docs."

For further information on the issues and troubles orbiting Orly Taitz in these proceedings, you may also wish to read the pertinent news articles linked by the blog of Gary Kreep's United States Justice Foundation.

A profile of Gary Kreep is also submitted on that site.

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To this, your correspondent will add the following personal opinions, the first, from the comments to yesterday's article, "Orly Taitz Accused of Suborning Perjury for Barnett v. Obama - Updated Including Affidavit, etc.:
There are two attorneys involved on the nbC side, in Barnett v. Obama. From what I can tell...

One of them has been honest.
One of them has experience trying cases competently.
One of them has not made any ridiculous predictions.
One of them has demonstrated the ability to read.
One of them has responded to motions the way an attorney does.
One of them has attracted only one motion from Obama against the cause (the other, two).
One of them has not tried to remove litigants!
One of them has spoken of gaining the assistance of other, experienced federal counsel.
One of them does not leave a trail of wreckage wherever that one goes.
One of them is not well on the way to intentionally or unintentionally wrecking one's own case.
One of them deserves professional respect.
One of them shows the behavior of an attorney who honors the sacred trust of one's clients and supporters.

September 16, 2009 12:37 AM
Barnett, et. al., v. Obama might still have a chance of success, if its plaintiffs were only to have counsel which does not undermine and subvert the case.

Marxist and fascist revolutions come accompanied by well planned and executed sabotage. We see that in the application and timing of the "mortgage meltdown," in the work of ACORN, George Soros, Herb and Marion Sandler, and in my opinion, Sec. Henry Paulson, COB Ben Bernanke, Sen. Charles Schumer, and whatever other members of Congress, including Nancy Pelosi and Barney Frank.

Further, we see it in the planned destruction of free America and our wealth and economy (while building the state-dependent proletariat forces) in the "stimulus act," in "healthcare reform," in "cap and trade," and in "Federal Reserve oversight."

I do not know whether or not Orly Taitz is an intentional saboteur. I only see it obvious that she behaves like one. If Dr. Taitz were not front and center, the insurrection would be remiss.


Anonymous said...

Arlen, lets ask Kreep to respond in a non-native language ans see if he gets is all right.

Arlen Williams said...

Does the issue you cite with Orly Taitz credit to her effectiveness, in perhaps the most important litigation in recent American history?

Anonymous said...

Williams: When are you going to crawl back under you rock???!?!?

Anonymous said...


I abandoned this cause 5 months ago because of infighting among attorneys. I just checked the other night and I saw the same pathetic fight except this time bloggers like you have joined the fray. It is truly pathetic.

Obama is laughing his head off and is showing his middle finger now and when he gets elected in 2012 because we are a bunch of losers and continue to chew each other. We are losing our way of life in this country and you and other folks on the Internet radio or blog have the gall to put one officer of the court in a position to criticize another. Shame on all of you.

Anonymous said...

mama E! *rolls eyes* LOL

If anyone out there with a brain is reading this, the real issue is ELECTION FRAUD. Keep that in your sights, follow the trail, stay patient.

And fortunately, this (brilliant) Axlerod-contrived BS isn't working.

Now, back to mama E!!!!!!!

Arlen Williams said...

"I abandoned this cause 5 months ago because of infighting among attorneys.

That's a shame. But, the fate of America in this matter must not be placed into the hands of someone who apparently, does not know how to be an attorney, much less a federal, constitutional lawyer.

Such a travesty has nothing to do with "infighting."

Anonymous said...

lol birthers

Anonymous said...

Arlen, I think you're on the right track. Failure to follow the most simple directions, reckless disregard for rules and regulations, refusing competent help, asserting that she'll "go after" any lawyer that offers to help on the case, asserting that "God told her to remove" Mr. Kreep from the case, etc. cannot be attributed to a "language barrier" or being in "over her head." Something is very, very wrong with this picture. I'm convinced of this after hearing the interview with Mr. Kreep.

Anonymous said...

I left a comment on the article show with jb williams.

why you use an amateur like williams- promote his column and have him on your show .

get or discuss her ideas

my previous post was
just curious why you had Mr. Williams on the show when someone plagiarized jbjd blog and gave it Anonymously to Mr. Williams who wrote a very narrow view of the issue and got the fraud part wrong. On the right hand side you have jbjd latest blog listed on your web page on sept 8. (7days ago) Mr. Williams column was sept.10. Would it be a good idea to have someone who has been raising this issue,studying and actually helping people do something for the last 9 months on your show? A lawyer
but hey your show- I understand- jump on the bandwagon. to bad williams just limped along.who cares about accurate work.

Arlen Williams said...

Latest Anon.,
I'm sorry if I missed something in jbjd and hope to look in at it quite soon, thanks.

Arlen Williams said...

Then again, this Williams is an amateur here, too, literally. ;-`

Anonymous said...

We do what we can.I've heard Leo and jbjd comment on JB.Well,fine.We'll go from there.He is a good writer and had a story.But after hearing him I know from being a student of history that he is way off base on a number of counts.But he was only on one show.But as you can see,everyone loves to quote their new found knowledge of Alinsky,and point fingers at anyone that disagrees with them.I'm still waiting for Orly's defenders to answer why she refuses competent help.Stop with the "she's a little bit in over her head" or "everyone makes mistakes".The woman was told how to fix her pleadings so it would be much more difficult for Land to dismiss.Leo told Lincoln how to do it,and that all her lawsuits would fail if not amending it because she didn't bring up the british birth and Kenyan father angle as a distinct count.She still can do it,but it is doubtful she will.She ws given a ton of good information from Mario at her old blog,and hasn't used any of it.Others have tried to assist her.

Texas said...

Lucas Smith in his own words about his experience with Orly Taitz:

InspectorSmith (1 day ago)
Orly Taitz does not feel that it is important to investigate further into any documents that backup Obama’s claim to Hawaiian birth. She also says that she does not have the money to do so. However, her legal team is free to pay their own way, she insists that they do so. Her whole legal team works for free and pays their own expenses. She had the nerve to tell me to get a job when I requested that she send me her another of her free legal team to Sacramento, CA to investigate the birth announcenment of Obama. All this after she tells the court that she fears for my life. I’ve been running around the world, blowing through thousands of dollars while this lady has been brushing elbows with the elite. My wife and I have been eating rice and plantains while this joker dines at the most exclusive eateries in Orange County. She wont pay for anything unless I testify to her version of the STORY. No thanks Orly, I’ll find my own my home. Keep your plane ticket.

InspectorSmith (1 day ago)
I read everyones comments. Thank you everyone. As for money, maybe you should ask Orly why she’s flushed the case down the toilet for a few dollars. If that’s not good enough for you, then maybe you can go to Africa yourself and find the birth certificate. It might cost you tens of thousands of dollars. But hey, money is nothing right? Then come back to the states and find an attorney that expects you to pay for everything while you hand them the holy grail. And what’s this about expedited discovery??? Yeah, Orly had me fooled too. There is no expedited discovery at the moment. It’s just a play on words in the judges sentencing order that even I misunderstood from listening to Orly. Oh yeah, and the money again, Orly is just in this because she is a Patriot. She’s not looking for fame. Give me break. Good luck in Africa.

InspectorSmith (23 hours ago)
Well everyone, it seems that Orly is passing the word around here in Orange county that I’m stranded and looking for a handout. Way to thank guy for handing you the holy grail, for free. Up again it goes. I don’t care anymore if it brings this case down or lands me in county for a couple of months. I’m done with this.

Anonymous said...

Manning was on Evident Footprints last night.As you know,he has supported all the attys.He got an earful last night.You should get Manning and Nicoloff on your show.As you know,Don exposed Orly recently,and he told Manning that last night.People are waking up.

Texas said...

More from Lucas Smith ...

InspectorSmith (23 hours ago)
I will explain more in regards to Orly’s demand that I lie under oath. There are several separate incidents. One involves Gary Kreep. Last week I was present at a discussion in Los Angeles with a US Attorney, and two law clerks / paralegals of Orly’s legal team. Gary Kreep was present telephonically. Kreep shut the whole thing down by informing the US Attorney that one of Orly’s paralegals was a disbarred attorney. Well, I didn’t know that it was illegal to record our conversation .... so.....there is a recording. Gary Kreep said some things that I couldn’t understand why someone on our side would say. I told Orly about it later and....

InspectorSmith (23 hours ago)
and I told her that I was advised by ———— -————, that this was illegal, especially in California to tape conversations that would be considered private. Orly told me not to worry about it and that I should upload the sound recording to my youtube page for all to hear. Also that she wanted me testify at an upcoming hearing that she is setting up to get rid of Gary Kreeps. Orly said that she wanted me to testify that I had been approched by Kreeps in the past and that he had offered to buy the birth certificate I obtained in Africa and to pay for my testimony in regard to. And ...

InspectorSmith (23 hours ago)
and Orly wanted me to testify to the effect that I didn’t sell the birth certificate to Gary Kreeps because I am was only using the eBay auctions as a tool to generate publicity for this cause and also that I felt that from Kreeps wording in his offer to buy the birth certificate that he wanted to do so only to bury the document so that it would never see a courtroom. LUCAS SMITH.

InspectorSmith (23 hours ago)
You might ask, Lucas, why didn’t you just tell her no? I did tell her no. As many of you are aware, I am just about out of resources. Orly is aware of this as well. She’s made my life tremendously difficult now. And as I’ve stated previously, this is just one of several incidents where Orly has asked me to lie under oath.

InspectorSmith (22 hours ago)
Again, thank you everyone for your support and patriotism. Most of you have been here on this page with me since my Ebay auctions. It is not my intention to offend anyone. Your support is noted and appreciated. However, Orly Taitz is not a patriot but rather a egocentric correspondence course attorney that would take up any cause that will aid her in the fame and $$$ that she is seeking. She uses a ghost writer, for lack of correct terminology, to write all legal filings in this case against Obama. She has no understanding of the law and changes her story and the story of others everyday. It almost sickening. And this is the savior and patriot of the free world. I’d rather be marched off to a FEMA camp before I sacrifice my integrity and work this pathetic movie star fame seeker dentist attorney. Respectfully, Lucas Smith

Anonymous said...

Smith's story goes with the pattern of how Orly operates.Same with Sinclair.We don't have to like these people.The facts are what is important.

Anonymous said...

Lucas Smith: "I don’t care anymore if it brings this case down or lands me in county for a couple of months. I’m done with this."

What is he referring to in this statement? The fact that he has perjured himself by attesting to the veracity of a fraudulent Kenyan birth certificate?

The fact that Taitz is retaining this false birth certificate as "evidence" is astounding. This coupled with the fact that Lucas is either lying or extraordinarily naive and we have a case doomed for failure precisely when justice is about to be served.

Anonymous said...

anon@2:03pm--- Now you are getting it.Why do you think the DOJ just yeasterday said the eligbility issue is done?Things will play out as planned with all the lawsuits as designed.When all is said and done there will be lights going off in people's heads remebering the people that have explained this for months.And they are not the enemy.They do not want this to play out this way.They want justice.They want the usurper removed,and the Republic restored.But they know that the masses follow the flavor of the day,and do not look at history in order to avoid the same mistakes of the past.They cling to celbrities and the shills in the mainstream media and government that have sold us out.It's not just the corruption that has taken on this raod to slavery,but also our own lack of critical thinking and seeking truth out so we know the enemies and wage war against them as a cohesive whole united in removing the traitors in our midst.

Anonymous said...

Arlen said, “the fate of America in this matter must not be placed into the hands of someone who apparently, does not know how to be an attorney, much less a federal, constitutional lawyer. “

Arlen, if your are bleeding for America and you cannot put her faith in the hands of an attorney whom you believe is not a competent constitutional attorney here is what you should do. Get off your ASS and get out of your mother’s basement and hire an attorney you find competent. Hire Ted Olsen and bring your own lawsuit instead of spewing venom toward others who have worked tirelessly with everything they had.

I respect all attorneys and private citizens who have brought legal action in this matter. I immensely dislike people who think they are legal scholars and qualified to criticize work of others.

If I was the attorney you were defaming, I would slap you with a lawsuit so fast you would not know what hit you.

Arlen Williams said...

Okay, you give me the money and I'll hire one. Not defaming any attorney. I am reflecting upon known facts pertaining to Orly Taitz. Nice try.

Do you wish to give me the money, or would you like to pay an attorney direcly?

tennman59 said...

As I understand Mr Kreep's assessment of the issue, is that Obama is ok, as being a Natural Born Citizen if he was in fact born, in Hawaii. No matter his father was never a US Citizen. Is this correct or not? If it is, this is the issue many of the folks on Orly's case have with Mr Kreep as the problem on this case not Orly.
Much info leads to establish that the Founders used the term NBC to mean second generation US Citizens from both sides or the family / mother and father. But most importantly, the father would establish a child's allegiance to his country.

All who bash anyone who who has worked as hard as Orly has on this issue are hurting this cause, not helping it. So I say to you do something to help or shut up!

I certainly do not encourage anyone to lie. Emotions are running high and things are misconstrued and I do not see Orly demanding lies from anyone!

To attack in public the person working every angle she can find to get some action on this issue is to attack the issue it self so please work for the cause if you really support the cause! Stop the open attacks as you are helping the other side in the process!

Arlen Williams said...

Journalism and commentary, tennman59.
Then again, I could try to "do something to help."

Keep watching very closely and see what happens, if Orly Taitz remains front and center in the nbC movement.

Gary Kreep and his entire set of plaintiffs are not necessarily monogamously wedded to the Birth Certificate issue, as I understand his comments to me.

I agree that sticking to only that one issue is a mistake. Stay tuned. While you are, you may be interested in hearkening to Investigating Obama, December, 2008:

The Donofrio 'Natural Born Citizen' Challenge

Daddy Says No! - Articles Assessing the Constitution's "Natural Born Citizen" Clause, Barack Hussien Obama I, and BHO II

Anonymous said...

Arlen said, “Okay, you give me the money and I'll hire one.” “Do you wish to give me the money, or would you like to pay an attorney direcly?”

Arlen, if I could I would not have waited for your permission. If you cannot afford to hire a better attorney live with what you get. Have you not heard of “beggars cannot be choosey”?

I tried in July of 2008, when no one had yet filed any lawsuit for violation of Article 2, to find a constitutional attorney. I contacted law professors at some prestigious law schools for references. No outstanding constitutional attorney had any interest at that time because no law had been broken. The character assassination of Mr. Berg after he filed the first lawsuit during the democratic convention and response by judicial system convinced me that legal remedies will be unsuccessful. I, therefore, chose a different strategy. I took two months off from work and made thousands of calls, on my own dime, to registered voters across the country and informed them of potential violation of Article 2 of US Constitution by democratic candidate.

I am not a registered Republican or Democrat; I am just a registered voter, a citizen who cares deeply about this Constitutional Republic. I did my part. Obviously it was not enough. After general election, I cheered and followed every legal action until food fight began among attorneys, bloggers, and radio personalities. Once the food fight began, I realized we had truly willingly and stupidly conceded to despicable violation of our constitution one more time and there will be no remedy.

There is no “them” it is “we the People” who are the violators. It is sad but we deserve the government we have.

Anonymous said...

Arlen Williams AND Gary the Kreep BETTER butt-out of the cases being handled by Orly Taitz. Both Williams AND Kreep are working on behalf of Obama, they DO NOT care anything about the U.S.A., the truth, or getting to the bottom of Obama's qualifications. WILLIAMS and KREEP ARE SNEAKY MARXIST TRAITORS TO AMERICA WHO ARE TRYING TO PRETEND THEY ARE PATRIOTS! BOTH ARE NASTY LIARS! WILLIAMS and KREEP = LYING SCUM. ACTION WILL BE TAKEN AGAINST BOTH.

Anonymous said...

I have a suggestion.
Take a look at the person who suffered the most hard and injury here. That would be John McCain.
He's experienced in legal and political matters. He has no problem getting any attorney he'd like.
Yet, he'd not contesting the election or Obama as rightful president.
The reason is, he can accept the truth. The sooner you can accept this same truth will be the day you'll understand why you're all harboring impossible wishes.
Like it or not, Obama IS the president.
Do you want to live angry and ineffectual for the next 4-8 years?
No? Then quit whining and do something meaningful and useful.
If McCain isn't fighting Obama it's because he's wise. Isn't his wisdom why you voted for him in the first place?

Arlen Williams said...

Latest Anon.,
Perhaps you should ask why John McCain was not seeking a determination of Obama's eligibility, well before election day.