Friday, June 4, 2010

Have You Seen this Man? - The Hunt for William Craig Fugate - Updated

How is it, we have a U.S. President who is taking over the United States' economy, but who leaves it up to BP plc (a foreign company) to fumble and stumble with this U.S. and World crisis?
More Alinsky-Cloward-Piven?

Original post, 6/1/2010

We repeat, his name is William Craig Fugate. This may be his photo. If he needs it, we are willing to give it back.

Mr. Fugate is believed to be the Administrator of the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) under Barack Obama and Janet Napolitano.

Therefore, he might be seen either in the vicinity of Washington, D.C., or call it a hunch, the Gulf of Mexico.

Please report to Investigating Obama, if you have any word of his whereabouts or his doings. There appears to be an emergency in the Gulf that he should know about.

Where's Fugie?

Update - I'm getting some feedback that the Gulf Gusher may not be in Fugate's job descrip'. Now, I'm a small-government, federalist kind of guy, but shouldn't he sort of be preparing Gulf Coast folks for bad things that could come, over the next two or three months, if we pay him for that? And I am told we also have something called an "Environmental Protection Agency." Hm....

Update 2 - Did William Craig Fugate ever make it out to Tennessee, to check out all that flood stuff? Too busy collecting big, six or seven foot long, sealable plastic bins? America wants to know. Well, many who actually know about America.

Update 3 - 6/4, 2:33pm The beaches and estuaries are getting hit hard, today. Where is FEMA? Where is the massive government effort to guard the shores? Where are the berms? Is Obama enjoying his second trip?

And as for the news media, are you old enough to remember when they covered the space program well? Remember their models and scientists' explanations? Where is that, about the current attempt to cap and pump the gusher?

And about the space program back in the day, compared to government effectiveness now, you may wish to see, "The Chasm between Apollo and the Gulf; There is no valid analogy between the Gulf spill and Apollo 13," by Dr. H. Harrison Schmitt, former Apollo astronaut, former U.S. Senator, geologist. (h/t: Richard Wright)

Update 4 - 6/4, 3:53pm Barack Obama is on television, now. He's talking a lot. To the media, I mean. He does exhibit the Alinsky, Cloward-Piven model here, of blaming and haranguing BP, the latest "capitalist" straw man to "isolate," as the massive "disruption" continues. Never waste a good crisis.


Arlen Williams said...

Don't you just feel all warm and protected?

Doug said...

Arlen .. great post, linked at The Patriot's Flag. I have your RSS to stay up to date. Thanks for your blog, one of the best.

The Patriot's Flag

Arlen Williams said...

Double thanks, Doug. Keep up the fight.

Doug said...

I've had some personal "fun" at the expense of some of my lib friends, thanks to your posts. I wait until I'm in a group setting, then say something about FEMA, before it is discussed too deeply, I ask, "say, what is the Director of FEMA's name?" And there is ALWAYS a dead silence. I just snicker a little and walk away. It works every time!

I enjoy your RSS, hope many people get it for their personal home pages.

Arlen Williams said...

Great idea. Maybe I need to get a video camera and microphone and go around asking what the Obama Administration is doing, to stop the Gulf Gusher. And by the way, how is FEMA doing in this? Have you seen the FEMA director there?

Oh, okay. Then do you remember him going to the great Nashville flood disaster?

Oh, okay. Are you sure there is a FEMA Administrator?

Twogun30 said...

Oh, F.E.M.A. has a leader alright... The Bilderberg Group! You know, the same group that runs the country. Instead of bothering President Barrack "the Antichrist" Obama while he's on vacation we should ask the B.G. Obama is just the puppet. While we're at it lets get them to shine some light on F.E.M.A. death camps and coffins, the red and blue list, depopulation, hired U.N. troops on U.S. soil, well B they forgot to mention that is still gushing, and even the plans for this New World Order that is oh so taboo. One more thing, when did congress decide that their decisions could be basically shit on by the Pres? Do the people no longer get a say in the matter or is media blackouts the current standards of our leaders? This is unacceptable. As Americans is not our right its our DUTY to control our government, not the other way around! In God we trust, invade we shoot! Godspeed.