Sunday, June 20, 2010

Pray for the Gulf & for America

Video clips at Ustream

We need conservatives to move beyond conserving what America has become and on to an American Restoration. We need moderates to discover what requires commitment, outside the box of their comfort. We need liberals to come home to America's authentic classic liberalism and renounce collectivist, do-for-me authoritarianism.

This is not just about competence. It is clearly about the hearts, ideologies, and motivations of those wrongly usurping power over us Sovereign Citizens -- and about the laws of Nature and Nature's God, over us, them, and all. It must be about you.

We need to stop relinquishing our birthrights and personal responsibilities like Esau and the prodigal; we must be as Joshua and David, assuming our authority in our land, regardless of perceived giants. We need prayer, repentance, and wholehearted, hands-on application of our lives -- now. - AW

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