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RICO Investigation Needed NOW about Gulf, Energy & CCX

A letter prompted by the Deepwater Horizon oil disaster, written and suggested by CJ of Patriot's Heart Network

Re: RICO Investigation Needed NOW about Gulf, Energy, and CCX

Dear Elected Official,

I am an average everyday American. Until this past election cycle, I was not very political. I am now an awake and aware American. Please take the time to read the information I am sending to you. I know it is extensive, but the continued existence of our free country, The United State of America, is at stake and I believe this with every fiber of my being. There is fear in the pit of my belly all of the time, fear that we are loosing America, and I do not mean “as we know it.”

I about fell out of my chair when Obama approved some offshore drilling, I was waiting for the other shoe to fall. Then all of a sudden, we have an unprecedented “gusher” in the Gulf, with rumors of sabotage I refused to believe. No one could be that evil. I did however find the timing very fortunate for the agenda of Cap and Trade and waited for those next pieces to fall into place as we knew they would. Please follow what I am seeing. There is something very smelly going on.

Then we find out that Goldman Sachs sold 4,680,822 shares of BP in the first quarter of 2010:
According to regulatory filings, has found that Goldman Sachs sold 4,680,822 shares of BP in the first quarter of 2010. Goldman's sales were the largest of any firm during that time. Goldman would have pocketed slightly more than $266 million if their holdings were sold at the average price of BP's stock during the quarter.

And the chief executive of BP sold £1.4 million of his shares:

The chief executive of BP sold £1.4 million of his shares in the fuel giant weeks before the Gulf of Mexico oil spill caused its value to collapse.

There is a boot on the throat of the press:

Conservative Examiner has also learned that the few authorized journalists and photographers that are allowed in the area have been instructed by the Feds not to write anything critical of the Obama Administration's response--or shall we say the lack thereof--to the crisis. Photographers have also been instructed to limit photographs of the devastation

Withholding information from the public:

But inside the unified command center, where BP and federal agencies were orchestrating the spill response, video monitors had already displayed hours of footage they did not make public. The images showed a far more dire situation unfolding underwater. The footage filmed by submarines showed three separate leaks, including one that was unleashing a torrent of oil into the Gulf.

And more cover-ups:

New videos show more clearly than ever how BP, with little resistance from the Coast Guard or other federal agencies, kept the public in the dark about just how bad things were beneath the surface of the Gulf of Mexico.

Also, BP knew weeks in advance there were major problems with this well:

However, evidence shows that BP executives were aware of the looming disaster before March 17.

According to the May 31 Bloomberg article 'BP Lacked Well Control Six Weeks Before Gulf Rig Disaster, E-Mails Show':

The White House is right in the middle of the cover-up:

Contrary to early reports from the Obama Administration that it was not aware of the catastrophic nature of the Gulf oil spill, newly-released Coast Guard logs show that the government knew within hours that the spill would be devastating.

Reports indicate Obama is to use the Oil Spill Disaster to renew a push for Cap & Trade. This is made more suspicious by his apparent delay and even obstruction of solutions:

Almost as if it had been created for him, it seems that the BP oil spill couldn’t have come at a better time for Obama. Just when [he] was cogitating over how to reintroduce the Energy Cap & Tax bill—which will skyrocket energy rates so that many of us will not be able to afford basic electricity—the BP oil spill occurred. This was most convenient for Obama and his plans to continue gutting the USA and its citizens.

If all of this is not enough to rouse suspicion, then we get reports of the dispersant being ineffective and unsafe, and of people getting sick as a result. The Obama Administration reported they asked BP to use something less toxic as a Dispersant. BP says “no” and Obama lets BP continue using Corexit, a Nalco product.

BP Won't Change Dispersants in Oil Spill Despite EPA:

BP has told the Environmental Protection Agency that it cannot find a safe, effective and available dispersant to use instead of Corexit, and will continue to use that chemical application to help break up the growing spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Eight Fishing boat crews downwind of dispersant get sick:

Venice, Louisiana (CNN) -- Kindra Arnesen's husband often calls while he's out on a shrimping trip, so she wasn't surprised to hear her cell phone ring the night of April 29 while he was on an overnight fishing expedition.

However, this time, her husband, David, wasn't calling to tell her about the day's catch or to wish their children Aleena and David Jr. a good night. He was calling to tell her he was sick, and the strange thing about it, so were men on the seven other shrimping boats working near his.

Corexit a Nalco product may be just masking the problem:

Cousteau was investigating whether Corexit, the environmentally-tenuous chemical dispersant that BP has been spraying into the Atlantic since the spill began is "breaking down the oil or if the byproduct they are forming is causing more damage to sea life." ABC Good Morning America reporter Sam Champion, who was along for the ride, was shocked and appalled at what he found.

And more evidence of Corexit being ineffective and unsafe:

When we got into the water our worst fears were realized. One of the concerns has been what is happening in the Gulf with the application of these chemical dispersants into the oil and indeed, the oil was not confined to the surface, which was the original goal of applying chemical dispersants. It had permeated the water column down 15, 20 feet and would wash over us in these billowing waves, clouds of this red toxic soup in which we found dead fish and we could see dead jellyfish floating through it. It was really a terrible sight. You know, often times it’s out of sight, out of mind and no one had done this before. No one had seen what this looks like and what the condition of the water would be. And while we know very little about the effects of these chemicals and the oil in the water, what we do know is that we have put 800,000 gallons of a very toxic chemical into the water column and that it’s likely these plumes of dispersed oil and this toxic soup is now distributed from the surface to the bottom and will be spread throughout the Gulf of Mexico and potentially through the Gulf Stream, down the Florida Keys and all the way into the Atlantic.

Why do Obama and BP refuse to use most effective and safer method of oil cleanup?

As the Gulf oil disaster closes in on the 50-day mark, the Obama Administration and BP refuse to use the most effective method of oil cleanup. The top oil barons of the world--the Saudis--have used this method to avoid a mammoth oil disaster. And the result was swift, effective, and conclusive.

Nearly 50 Supertankers Are Waiting for BP for clean-up and collection (on the Cheap):

John Hofmeister, the former president of Shell Oil, and Nick Pozzi, a former pipeline engineering and operations project manager for Saudi Aramco say: "Supertankers Could Save the Gulf, So Why Won't BP Listen?":

Pozzi saw the technique used in the Middle East, where it recovered 85% of the oil from the Saudi spill. And he thinks it could work in the Gulf of Mexico. "The only downside is that you tie up oil tankers. That's why we think that BP won't listen to us. They don't want to spend that extra money.

Now a very industrious group of Citizen Journalists has uncovered what may be the real reason why BP is allowed to use unsafe, toxic, ineffective chemicals. Now please read this all very carefully. This is so EVIL I am sick to my stomach.

The real reason the oil still flows into the Gulf of Mexico:

Nalco is associated with UChicago Argonne program. UChicago Argonne received $164 million dollars in stimulus funds this past year. UChicago Argonne just added two new executives to their roster. One from Nalco. The other from the Ill. Dept of Educaution.

If you dig a little deeper you will find Nalco is also associated with Warren Buffett, Maurice Strong, Al Gore, Soros, Apollo, Blackstone, Goldman Sachs, Berkshire Hathaway.

Warren Buffet / Berkshire Hathaway increased their holdings in Nalco just last November. (Timing is everything).

The dispersant chemical is known as Corexit. What it does is hold the oil below the water's surface. It is supposed to break up the spill into smaller pools. It is toxic and banned in Europe.

Nalco says they are using older and newer versions of Corexit in the Gulf... (Why would you need a newer version, if the old one was fine?)

There is big money and even bigger players in this scam. While they are letting the oil blow wide open into the Gulf, the stakes and profit rise.

The Dolphins, Whales, Manatees, Sea Turtles and fish suffocate and die. The coastal regions, salt marshes, tourist attractions and the shore front properties are being destroyed, possibly permanently. The air quality is diminished. The Gulf of Mexico fishing industry is decimated.

All to create a need for their expensive and extremely profitable poison.

I am beyond livid at the Administration’s and it cohorts in crime covering-up and partying all the way to the bank. There is a lady with a little known oil company who writes this:

1. BP is one of the largest investors of alternative energy in the world and Cap & Trade gets voted on/passed this month so, it won’t hurt their pockets.

2. BP is one of the largest campaign contributors to Barack Hussein Obama.

3. Since early last year, it’s been speculated that gas prices would be over $4/ga by June, 2010 and $7/ga by Jan, 2011. When rumors were circulating there was no justification. Only way gas prices would jump like that is with a major oil shortage. Low & behold 1.5 months before rumors come true, we have an enormous oil spill.

4. I own a small oil company ( and we specialize in on and off shore cleanup. My CFO wrote all the checks for the Valdez spill.

5. I sat at an 1.5hr seminar by BP in 2008 at the OTC (offshore technology conference, the largest in the world) and witnessed first hand the technology aboard that ship particularly.

There is absolutely NO WAY possible for this to happen without it being sabotage (emphasis mine). There were way too many tiers aboard that ship and it could have been stopped at any facet. And, even if ever man aboard was knocked out with toxic gases and the oil somehow managed to make it to water, their have huge blowup looking mats that surround the ship for miles to prevent (93%?) the oil from mixing in open waters.

It could be stopped now. Cleanup easily within 72 hrs, and the oil salvageable and able to still be refined and produced IF they wanted to. I believe it’s intentional to drive up oil and gas prices and push cap & trade. It’s only speculation as to motives but, the events of this and my synopsis are based upon facts.

What I have laid out is just one facet of a very inter-connected web of deceit. As an elected official you swore an oath as follows:

I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.

We have had health care reform pass in the ugliest arm twisting, middle of the night, back door dealing scheme ever. All against the will of the people, using fuzzy math and omissions to get the CBO to come up with acceptable (to them) numbers. They put a $940 billion price tag on what’s actually a multitrillion-dollar bill. It is also the single biggest assault on liberty in our history.

We have a president and congress who think they can spend the money of generations to come. What is this census costing us again? Didn’t we just pass the “Doctor fix” that was omitted from the cost of the heath care reform bill so it would pass?

We have at least two illegal “quid pro quos” in our election process directed from the White House, Anyone who can read can see that the Obama administration has broken the law. It does not matter if this is how politics are played. Illegal is illegal even if you are questioning the definition of “is.”

We have a media who refuses to cover the issues. If they do they are attacked by the White House as in Fox News and talk radio. We have a media outlet that is owned by GE who stands to gain incalculable riches from this president’s Cap and Trade scam. Cap and Trade is a SCAM and all of this and many of the players have been well documented by Glenn Beck and is what he now calls CRIME Inc.,2933,591790,00.html

Once again, of course, Barack Obama is front and center, along with the Chicago Climate Exchange, the Joyce Foundation, George Soros, Maurice Strong, Edmund de Rothschild, the Federal Reserve, Goldman Sachs, George W. Bush's Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, even Fannie Mae, and many others. It entails global Marxofascism / global kleptocracy, with Americans being the chief victims, while a few overlords rule at, and their financiers skim off, the top. If any "mainstream" reporters cared to cover this thoroughly (and could) they could be much bigger characters in U.S. and world history than Woodward and Bernstein. And as for Americans willingly instigating this, it is treason.

We have a country being overrun with illegal aliens and when a state takes action in the most legal way possible to protect their citizens, they are demonized. Unemployment is skyrocketing yet illegal aliens are allowed to come here and work. We have a federal government who will not protect our borders. This should be their first priority, and is their first duty, to keep America safe.

Now Barack Hussein Obama has put a moratorium on all drilling. This is going to devastate the Gulf Coast even further. This will bring our economy to its knees. There are thousands and thousands of jobs related to drilling that will leave and not come back. There are people in the food industry that specialize in offshore supply, crew boats, helicopter companies, drilling equipment and supplies, and cleaning services, to name a few. This will make us even more dependent on foreign oil and further weaken our national security. I believe now that this is the exact intention of this administration, to weaken us. I am not at all sure now that this “gusher” was not an accident.

The Oil Spill - Round Up the Usual Suspects:

In closing, an article that appeared in FrontPage about a year ago, noted that “CCX’s members include Ford, DuPont, Dow Corning and the states of Illinois and New Mexico. CCX also owns 50 percent of the European Climate Exchange (ECX), which features such members as Shell, British Petroleum, Barclays—and Goldman Sachs.” British Petroleum—better known as BP.

Enough! We The People demand that a RICO investigation and criminal charges be initiated to uncover the criminal actions of this administration and all of its radical cohorts in crime, like GE, BP, Goldman Sachs, the labor unions, Fannie and Freddie, ACORN, Organizing for America, George Soros, Maurice Strong, Warren Buffett, Al Gore, The Progressive Caucus, anyone who has close ties to this administration.

This is a cabal of crooks. All legislation should be halted until this is done. We, The People will not stop. We will know justice. We demand that you do your duty and uphold the oath you took to defend the Constitution. Our Country is depending on you like at no other time in history.

With respect,

(Your name here)

(Your address here)

CJ a proud member of PatriotsHeart.US


Deepwater Horizon & Crime Inc. (a.k.a., the Greatest Scandal in Modern History) May 5th
bird photo by AP, Charlie Riedel


Jim said...

For research purposes only-- They mention the evacuation plans in the first ten minutes.You know,even if this was not a false flag,the way it is being mishandled should raise red flags to any thinking person that the "oil spil" disaster is intentionally being prolonged for the purpose of an international crisis,as this will go betond the Gulf Coast/East Coast and head towards England.Now--- think of the Underground Bunkers--Seed Vaults- and planned depopulation of planet earth.Takes on a whole new perspective,irtrespective of the economic implications.

Anonymous said...

It's as if we were under a Bio Attack , by Obama and Big Oil Money.

Makes me Sick!

Arlen Williams said...

Forewarned is forearmed, Jim, these people do need to be watched, even/especially the most extreme of them.

Arlen Williams said...

We'll have to see how much we can sort thru, Dax, thanks.

Anonymous said...

This article expresses exactly my first gut thoughts when the oil spill started. I could not talk about it to anyone without being accused of paranoia and believing radical conspiracy theories. But everything in this article is frighteningly obvious to me. I am scared for our country. The NEW spill scare which looks like it is coming from another oil rig leaking in the gulf(which they have not admitted to yet), and the natural gas explosion in Texas that just happened, and who knows what else will come up, tells me that we have a desperate president who is bent on forcing Cap and Trade before his first term is up, to ensure his total power. Obama took 40 days to deal with the crises, has not yet declared it a national emergency, and he refused to honor Governor Jindal's request for emergency help for several weeks and only then offering a small portion of it, saying that we first have to have "environmental investigations", NOR HAS HE CALLED THE CEO OF BP EVEN ONCE since the accident, and so many other suspicious behaviors like vacations, entertaining rock stars, etc.; not to mention his refusal to take control to fix the situation while continuously pointing the finger and demonizing BP to deflect from his own uncaring actions. Unfortunately it is not over and will only get worse. America is in trouble, and if we don't stand up and fight, we will eventually lose it. I pray every day for our nation. I hope that enough people stand up and do whatever they can to fight the tyranny that is coming.

Anonymous said...

Why do Obama and BP refuse to use most effective and safer method of oil cleanup? Answer: Martial Law!

CJ said...

Tweet it, mail it, re-post it, email it to any elected official including senators, congress people, governors and attorney generals, news outlets. The gulf situation is much worse than they are making it sound. Please read all of the links. Thank you for posting this Arlen

Still a Patriot said...

Thanks Arlen & CJ -

I have forwarded this to as many people I could think of. This is so sickening... We need to pray constantly that this evil force will not prevail.


Annie Fields said...

Wow wow WOW and wow... This is a REMARKABLE synthesis of this information all in one place and should put every reporter currently drawing a paycheck from any print or broadcast media organization to SHAME. No wonder Obama wants to "nudge" citizen journalists into silence. The bastard. WELL DONE, patriot friend! Annie in MA