Sunday, June 6, 2010

Gulf Gusher & Manufactured Crisis - More to Come

Reading and writing. There are many facts to collect and put in order. Please pray soberly and intently.

AP photo gone "viral" - by Charlie Riedel


Jim said...

Depp prayer!This is --in my humble opinion a contrive crisis that will be prolangated for 3 more moths.In the interim we will see some amazing events transpire in the USA.Nuff said for now!

Jim said...

Apologies for dropped letters.Always thought you should have gone with Wordpress,as the typos are minimal,but -- o well we get by-- and you get my drift nonetheless.Would like to post live links though,as I refer to my own posts at times to go over information,and live links are expedient.Anyway.keep plugging away Arlen.The comments section is virtually nill here,but I'm sure the "hits" are there.