Thursday, June 17, 2010

'The Ancient Republic of Israel' Tonight on Fightin' Words

Fightin Words on Sentinel Radio with Walter Hudson & David Lutchen:  Chris Naron, RightNation's "Conservative Mindcleaner," joins us to discuss the transition of the ancient nation of Israel from a republic under God to a despotic kingdom. There are lessons applicable to today's American nation, as Thomas Paine detailed in his revolutionary pamphlet "Common Sense."  (9-10pm ETlink)

The Awakening is Not Broadcasting Tonight. We had hoped to re-try our program from last Thursday, but obstacles got in the way, including an illness in the family, for a key participant. We appreciate other venues including the Huckabee and Hannity programs, for their sounding out alternative Gulf clean-up solutions, including those of at least one of our guests. We will let you know about future programming. Thank you for your interest. (And thank you for your shared conviction to save and to restore our America of Sovereign Citizens, as our divine and immutable charter provided. We have much to do.)

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