Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Government Covering Up Crumbling Well Structure?

Without taking positions, I.O. passes this along to you, as purportedly informed speculation upon the reasons for the courses of action taken at the gusher site -- and for the ostensible cover-ups on the part of the Obama administration. And however that administration regards you, I.O. respects you enough to share this, for your joint scrutiny. It warns of a significant likelihood of worse events, yet to come at Deepwater Horizon:


While it has been common practice for embedded reporters to join even troops in battle, the news media have not been allowed access to the workings of the Deepwater Horizon Unified Command center and have even been shooed away from areas of operations. That is not very libertarian, nor democratic, for a president who would call himself a liberal Democrat. Then again, it is typical among authoritarian Marxists.

Seeing what on-the-spot reporters uncovered at NOAA in April, just after the explosion, their media crack-down is not surprising (for dishonest administrators with their own agenda). See immediate prior article in I.O.
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