Tuesday, June 29, 2010

MEDIA BLACKOUT - Gulf Beach Videographer & Witness to the Cover-Up, Gregg Hall Interviewed (Updated)

Update: Listen to this astonishing audio report last night, by Citizen videographer, Gregg Hall, on the Gulf shore cover-up. Astounding, the media control exhibited by the Soros/Strong/Bilderberg/Obama cabal -- no national nor local news crews to be seen at the Pensacola beaches. Also amazing is the malpractice of state and local government -- warning signs to residents literally covered up -- over four hundred beach-goers treated for sickness.

"Lady Libertas" introduces and interviews, beginning at about the twenty minute mark.

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Lady Libertas has a very special guest joining her this evening - Gregg Hall, a Pensacola resident who has been getting out videos on the situation with the oil spill in Pensacola. Gregg is the on the beach reporter that filmed the surf boiling in Pensacola and he will be joining Lady Libertas to update everyone on what is really going on in Pensacola. Gregg has a new Facebook Fan Page, True Reporting on Gulf Oil Spill.

[I.O.: Also, see Mr. Hall's video blog page: thegregghall ]

In the second hour, Lady Libertas will be joined by John Wayne Tucker for US Congress in Missouri's 3rd District. Another packed evening! Tune in and call in with your questions! Lady Libertas talks about the State of Our Republic and has Special Guests from all over the country who are working to represent Truth & Liberty and Save Our Republic!

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Also interviewed was Steve Bartlett, who wrote the lyrics to this song and put the video montage together: "A Hole in the Ocean":

6/5 video, "Gulf Coast Oil Spill Disaster - Official Music Video - A Hole in the Ocean"

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