Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Nalco's 'Corexit is Killing the Gulf,' a View for Your Consideration

Why would these globalist "government/private partnership" (i.e., crony capitalist, i.e. "high road capitalist," i.e., "open society," i.e. corporatist, i.e. ministerial, i.e. fascist, i.e., neo-Marxist, i.e. neo-Maoist, i.e. authoritarian, i.e. militant Western Civilization opposing, i.e. anti-American revolutionary) entities want this unprecedented volume of oil to travel below the surface and out into the ocean currents -- toward Northern Europe? A video to supplement the theme of numerous recent articles:

'Corexit is Killing the Gulf - II'


Anonymous said...

Why?To depopulate earth by over five billion and create global chaos to usher in an Antichrist one world government.

Doug said...

Arlen ... the video, unfortunately is environment BS (I call it "enviro-babble"). The dispersants are FULLY misrepresented in both parts of this video. People need to UNDERSTAND chemical dispersants and what they are doing ... and that any "evil plumes they are seeing submerged and about to wipe out Europe" are not evil at all, but a part of how the environment works ... and proof that all is WELL! Thank you.

If people take the time to watch the embedded video, then they also need a little dose of "the truth." Please Read: The Patriot's Flag - Dispersants and the Piper