Sunday, June 20, 2010

Obamunists Using Rep. Ed Markey to Blame BP, Covering-up What the Obama Administration Knew & When they Knew it

BP knew it right after the Deepwater Horizon collapse and so did the Obama administration: 53,000 to 110,000 barrels per day was the estimate. It was not a secret kept from the government. It was a secret very poorly kept by them -- but maintained for them by the bulk of the marxstream media, to this day.

I just sent this email (snipping out the missive's intro) to an expert scientist with a great deal of experience in deep water drilling for oil and the geology beneath it. Is this a good enough way of communicating with you too, about the need to set the records straight, concerning what Rep. Ed Markey and the Obamunsits, overall are trying to get away with in Washington, or should I write a formal article?

Maybe I'll have time to do that, for RenewAmerica, Canada Free Press, American Daughter, etc., but here is "the scoop," for you, first, most excellent Theophilus and I.O. reader:
I hope this is not too jarring, but in the mean time, take a look at how the Marxist/fascists are lockstep (goosestep?) behind the Obama administration's cover-up (and it is clear they have been working much more closely with BP than they let on -- that is what they do, as you know; BP started as a "government/private partnership" and that is what they continue to do, despite Thatcher's privatization).

Compare this authoritarian, Rep. Ed Markey's game of blame and hiding behind "capitalist" BP's skirt, along with Obama [ed. "Congressman: Internal BP Document Shows Worst-Case Scenario for Spill Could Be 100,000 Barrels a Day"]:

Compare it to this actual evidence that the U.S. government (NOAA) knew the extent of this gusher, at the very outset [ed. "April Video Indicates U.S. Government Aware of Much Greater Volume of Gulf Gusher; Evidence Raises Suspicion of Cover-Up"]:

Especially in light of what you described that Corexit does by separating the contaminants in the Ocean's water and the Obama administration's "never allow a significant crisis to go to waste" pushing for Cap and Trade, along with the suspicious stock dumping Goldman-Sachs and George Soros, this stinks worse than the whales they are killing.

See more about Cap and Trade, and Climate Exchanges, here:

I would appreciate your feedback. Forgive me for how long it will take to peruse these articles and videos, but I am sending them to you, in your own, highly respected interest.

Highest reg's,
Highest reg's. - AW

See also: "RICO Investigation Needed NOW about Gulf, Energy & CCX," CJ, 6/11/2010
photo, Ed Markey (sorry) fm. Wikipedia


Anonymous said...

The residents of Massachusetts should demand that Massachusetts Representative Ed Markey get back to Massachusetts and resolve all the unresolved issues with the 2003 Bouchard B 120 oil spill in Buzzards Bay !

Lets look at a smaller oil spill in Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts in 2003 . The Coast Guard and/or Unified Command had no boat skimmers, booms deployed were to small to handle the number six oil, only a few air guns were available to keep birds off the islands, there was no public involvement by private citizens, and after 90 days the Unified Command simply signed off and left the oiled beaches to the state! Sound familiar? Where was representative Ed Markey ?

The US Coast Guard after the 2003 oil spill fought the state of Massachusetts over the "2004 Oil Spill Prevention Act ." The Coast Guard through legal action stopped the act which would provide tug boat escorts through the bay. Whose interest does the Coast Guard have at heart? The Coast Guard actually prevented new laws to protect the bay.
Where was Rep Ed Markey ?

Since the 2003 Bouchard B 120 oil spill the federal government has denied a federal class action lawsuit against the oil company and the one Massachusetts property damage lawsuit has dragged on for eight years. Where was representative Ed Markey

How has the government stood with the people of Massachusetts? Where was Rep Ed Markey ?

Arlen Williams said...

Thanks for your information, Anon.

Still a Patriot said...

Hello Arlen -

The more we learn, the more horrible this tragedy becomes. I am trying to pass on as much information as I can to as many as I can. I am also keeping copies of much of this, just in case...

Thank you for keeping us so well informed. If not for my faith, I would be so fearful, I don't think I could function. Only He can save us from these evil forces. I pray it's not too late for our country.

Blessings - Susan

Commie Blaster said...

Much more on Socialist Congressman Ed Markey here: