Monday, May 24, 2010

Sarah Palin Gets an 'A' on the Curve, but Full Credit Remains for Someone

This is worth our time. It is Sarah Palin's address, then her joining with Dennis Prager and Hugh Hewitt for questions and answers, last Saturday 5/22, at the University of Denver:

The event covered the bases of what constitutes inspiring conservatism, to the conventional 2010 mind and Governor Palin was luminous of mind and heart. Some even call her edgy and by conventionality's standards, she is. But two critical aspects of the doings of 2010 were missing on this evening, again. They are what is never communicated in polite Republican speeches, whether in reference to the current regime in the District of Columbia, or the broader usurpations presently schemed on lower Manhattan Island.

One observation left unexpressed is of the devastating, intentional sabotage of America, by causing its catastrophic economic and moral failure. This gambit of evil doers is intended to result in the transformation of a panicked America into a people thoroughly dependent upon the Marxist/fascist state, while the manipulated, community organized and unioned-up "proletariat" lead the way, in revolt. Call it Alinskyite, or Cloward-Piven, or Greecification. Call it revolution or insurrection; it is the Marxist method and the reason for the career path of Barack Obama, Saboteur in Chief.

Necessary for that revolution is the other element never fully articulated in the Republican speeches brought at least, to these ears: the elimination of the American sovereignties. That means the treasonous destruction of the personal sovereignty of the American Citizen and of our mutual principality of the People, claimed by our Declaration of Independence and Constitution. It is the effort of overruling parental sovereignty in our families and the denial of the Tenth Amendment sovereignty of each state in the union. And as for national sovereignty, the plan is for America to cease to exist as a true nation, but only a "country," as Obama so often terms us, controlled by the governance of the global Marxist/fascist state.

Perhaps the first of these alarms would be taboo because it seems too outlandish to be believed, or so think good Republican political consultants, despite the evidence of Glenn Beck's and numerous authors' success. As for the second warning, that would also motivate voters, but it would offend the GOP's influential parties of the third part, such as members of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the stockholders and executives of multinational corporations, which still donate in great sums. To so many of their conventional minds and investment accounts, globalism "is good," globalism "works."

Sarah Palin referred to Margaret Thatcher in her Q&A session, by her reminding the world that heeding the teachings of the Old and New Testaments is what made America great. Another famous line from the Prime Minister was that, "...socialist governments traditionally do make a financial mess. They always run out of other people's money." In the minds of the power hungry, whether "left" or "right," the plans of authoritarianism do turn out well, for them, because they simply gain more power, taken from others -- that is, such plans work well in the "acquisition phase," until authoritarianism actually sets in and the shoulders of the people they stand upon collapse, under their oppression.

God providing, these plans for the end of authentic America shall not work and we will relearn authentic Americanism, founded upon the gift of liberty and born of responsibility to our Creator. But, to play our part in victory and to defeat such a massive assault, we must regard the enemy, its weaponry, and its tactics of warfare as what they are. When will any politicians on the national stage show and tell that?

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Arlen Williams said...

Thought I'd post this comment to the article, at Canada Free Press:

Awesome video and I agree with the Columnist that globalism is the real threat, to hitch your wagon to other people's dead horses only tires then kills your own healthy horses by increasing the burden exponentially with every dead horse they have to drag along.
Globalism is world socialism and not the free trade deal they sell it as.

The Federal bank must be destroyed and control of the American currency returned to America rather than the puppet central banks of the IMF, it's the golden rule...He who has the gold makes the rules and America does not control its own gold/currency.
The foundation of the socialist state is the Federal bank and it's international masters the IMF, helped along by the corrupt and useless UN.

As long as these two organizations have pull in America it can never be truly free or sovereign again, and that goes for every nation on earth.

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Anonymous said...

The last administration missed the boat completely in doing what needed to be done give America a chance in the future. Debt when Bush took over in 2000 was less than 6 trillion and the deficit was below zero ( actually paying down the debt)

What the Bush administration needed to see is that the economic power is now more important than military power. ( No country with nukes can be intimidated with military force anymore) ..

So rather than continue gamble 6+ trillion dollars what will soon be outdated military technology and invading a country "Iraq" who wasnt even an enemy .. America should have been investing in technology and advancing our economic might.

What part of Fiscal Conservative did the last administration forget ?? Cant even vote for my own party anymore .. it is a shame